Immerse Yourself in a Luxurious Bathroom


For many people the creation of a luxurious, tranquil space in which to escape from the world, if only for a while, is the ultimate aim of their bathroom design. The actual design, of course, depends on the size of your bathroom - or on the size of your house if you are considering a wet room for example, as an ensuite or second bathroom - and your budget but there is any number of designs for you to choose from.

If you are lucky enough to have a large bathroom, or a room suitable for a second bathroom, you might like to choose a true wet room - a fully waterproofed or "tanked" room tiled and with an open shower area - in which underfloor heating is a possibility, if you want to take advantage of green energy. The addition of a wetroom can add up to £10,000 to the value of a property in the best cases, but at the very least will add value and appeal to your home if you want to sell it at

If your space, and your budget, is a little more modest a fitted bathroom can still be a beautiful bathing space. A bath may be the focal point of your bathroom, so whether you opt for a traditional rectangular bath with paneling or a freestanding bath tub, you do need to think about styles and materials to suit your overall design. If space is at a premium, storage needs to be well planned, but bathroom cupboards do not need to be very deep as their contents are generally small and narrow. A wall-mounted towel rail can not only be functional in terms of providing warmth and, of course, holding your towels but can have significant aesthetic value too. Patterned wall tiles are once again en vogue whilst on the floor you might like to consider long porcelain tiles as an alternative to floorboards.

Making the Most of Your Bedroom


A well designed bedroom can not only provide a calm, tranquil environment in which you can escape the pressure of modern living, but also add value to your property through its appeal to potential buyers. The emphasis in any bedroom is on relaxing and sleeping, but depending on what else you what you want to do in your own space - working, watching TV, etc. - there may be other elements that you wish to incorporate into your bedroom design.

You have the choice at, of course, of fitted or freestanding bedroom furniture. Fitted furniture allows you to create your own, coordinated look, and can be useful if your bedroom is an odd shape, or there are awkward areas to be filled. Fitted wardrobes also usually extend from floor to ceiling, creating extra storage space for bedding, etc. that needs to be stored separately from your clothes, shoes and accessories. You do need to exercise a little caution when planning fitted furniture, however, as filling more than one of your bedroom walls with fitted wardrobes may make the room feel a little claustrophobic. If you prefer the flexibility - in terms of being able to rearrange various items, at will - of freestanding furniture, you can mix and match pieces that suit your needs, both externally and internally. If you wish to store long winter coats, or party dresses, for example, you'll need the full height of a wardrobe to hang them in, and don't forget drawers and shelves, for sweaters, shoes, etc..

The bed is the focal point of any bedroom, of course, and dressing the bed is as important as your choice of furniture. The trend in bed linen this year is likely to be towards brighter and warmer styles, which are reflected in colour and texture in curtains, blinds and other soft furnishings to create a sense of style in the bedroom.

Keep Your Cool This Summer


An old English weather proverb says "If February give much snow, a fine summer it doth foreshow." so with the end of the current cold snap in sight, maybe now really is the time to look forward to summer and keeping cool. Many motorists consider climate control and car air conditioning necessities during the summer months, but the same is not true of homeowners, with domestic air con units accounting for only a small proportion of the market in the United Kingdom. This is surprising because night-time temperatures can often rise above the optimum "thermo-neutral" temperature required for sleep leading to uncomfortable disturbed nights. Not only can air conditioning help to maintain the temperature and relative humidity of your home, it can also improve the quality of the air that you breathe by capturing pollen and other allergens; this can be of tremendous benefit to hayfever sufferers for example Borneo.

Air conditioning has tended to be the preserve of the wealthy, but as many people abandon a traditional office for a home office, or garden office, they are looking for atmospheric comfort all year round and the industry has responded accordingly. Whole house air conditioning may still cost several thousand pounds but basic portable units are available from around £100 or so and more powerful units from around £200.

Garden buildings nowadays are a far cry from what they once were, with a choice of shapes and sizes available and the possibility of creating a really useful additional living or working space. Some garden buildings offer mezzanine floors and even double glazing, which, when used in combination with an air conditioning and heating unit - two-in-one units suitable for installation in a garden office or log cabin for example are readily, and affordably, available - can create a pleasant, comfortable environment inside whatever the ambient temperature outside.

Conservatories Add Space and Light


A conservatory - whether it be of traditional Victorian design or simpler contemporary construction - can add a bright airy space to almost any home. You may for example wish to choose an ornate gable fronted conservatory with a steeply pitched roof as an additional living, or dining space, or if contemporary straight lines are more your style a modern, lean-to conservatory - a.k.a. a "Mediterranean" conservatory - to house your home office, for example.

In either case when it comes to soft furnishings in a conservatory mixing striped and floral fabrics from the same palette in blinds, curtains, etc. helps to create a feeling of
freshness in the space. Combined with botanically themed wall covering this can also help to create a link between the interior and exterior of your home. When it comes to lighting and heating a conservatory you may find that a screen provides protection against bright sunlight, as well as creating a more intimate atmosphere at night, whilst recessed spotlights, floor lamps, and, of course, underfloor heating - warm water or electric - are other possibilities.

Whatever purpose you wish to use your conservatory for on a regular basis, storage is likely to be an issue whether it's needed for tableware, cutlery, paperwork or whatever else. A sideboard can provide unobtrusive storage as can a dresser and if you choose a large table, rather than a desk per se, you can create a space in which to relax, as well as work. The addition of an armchair, or a compact sofa, can provide you with somewhere to read a book, or listen to music, when your work or entertaining is done.

The good news for anyone considering a conservatory, nowadays is that - provided that the construction does not extend above the height of your existing roof or cover more than 50% of your garden - it is likely to be considered permitted development for which no planning permission is required.

Create A Fun Room With Kids Wall Art


Our master bedroom needed a huge makeover. The paint was old, the curtains were dusty and the artwork was outdated. I didn’t want to spend a fortune re-doing everything so I looked for inexpensive solutions to give the room a whole new look without breaking the bank.

Paint was a must. In some of our other rooms, we used a paint color made by Pittsburgh Paint called “Happy Trails, which is a really rich tan color.

Next, I knew those old curtains had to be changed out, so I found an inexpensive curtain rod and bought two different scarves and draped those over the rod. Done.

Since the room is primarily tan, it needed some color so I made a couple of arrangements out of silk and dried flowers. A nice pop against the warm tan of the walls.

Now, what to do about the wall art? I wanted to have family photos in the room but I didn’t want a bunch of mismatched frames sitting around. I was going for a cleaner look. recently became empty nesters so I wanted to showcase the transition my family has undergone over the past 22 years. It came to me to make wall art out of black and white photos and matching frames.

How I Made It

Pick the photos. I chose one of my family when the two kids were very young and one of my family now. Then I found my favorite picture of just the kids when they were little and another one of them now.

Fix the photos. After selecting the four photos, some had to be scanned into my computer while the more recent ones were taken with my digital camera and were already in my computer. I have Adobe Photoshop which I used to fix the photos. They were all different sizes and colors so the first thing I had to do was make them all uniform.

Using the “Image-Size” function in Photoshop, I made them all 5 x 7′s and using the “Image-Mode-Grayscale” function, I turned them into black and whites. I ended up with four, 5 x 7, black and white photos. This is an important step, in my opinion, because you want them all to match.

Buy the frames. In order to accomplish the uniform look, I also selected four identical frames.

Hang them. Once the four black and white photos were in the frames, I had to decide how I wanted to hang them. The orientation of the photos (portrait or landscape) will help you decide the configuration (across in a straight line, down in a straight line, in a perfect square…).

Two of my photos were landscape and 2 were portrait so I decided to put them in a square with an irregular edge to create visual interest. We hung up the photo collage yesterday and my husband helped to ensure that the frames were all perfectly spaced.

I am quite proud of the end result. Not only do we have inexpensive wall art, but we have something to look at that is so very meaningful and will be cherished for years to come.

Choose Good-Quality Bath Towels for Sheer Decadence


Though many people think spring is the traditional time to clean their houses, a spring clean can be done at any time of year. Changing the appearance of rooms throughout the home can take a lot of work, but in some rooms it can be as easy as investing in new linen or cushions.

Cosy and Inviting

Even though it is nice to freshen up the house in spring, letting the outside come in and preparing for the (hopefully) warmer days ahead, many people like to make changes in the autumn. The start of colder weather heralds a time when people start to spend more time in their homes, which is why so many people choose to make their homes cosy and inviting ahead of winter.

If you really want to change the appearance of a room, you may need to have a complete revamp; a new colour scheme, fresh paint, wallpaper and perhaps carpets and even furniture are common changes. This is a big job, a lot of work and money can go into a project like this. Sometimes, however, a room make-over can be as simple as making the effort to buy towels.

Redecorating the bathroom can be a really big job, not least because tiling and grouting are so difficult. However, your bathroom or cloakroom can benefit from the look of a makeover with one simple purchase. New fluffy towels, either in plain white or perhaps a colour that matches, enhances or contrasts the existing colour scheme, can bring new life to your bathroom.


Good-quality towels don’t have to cost the earth, but it really is worth investing in a product that is both luxurious and stylish. You really can’t beat stepping out of the bath or shower and encasing yourself completely in something fluffy and comforting. A good make such as Christy will often be available with matching bathroom mats and even robes if you really want to go to town with it.

A good-quality bath or hand towel will be terry cloth; the hundreds of tiny cotton loops increase the absorbency and create the soft feeling. When choosing towels, look closely at the loops. If they stand up straight and feel soft when you run your hand over them, chances are you have a decent towel. If they feel a little rough and lay flat, this is an indication of poor quality.

Look at the type of cotton used to manufacture the towel. Egyptian, Brazilian or Supima cottons have long fibres and make the softest, most absorbent towels in the world. Hygro cotton is something new on the market. This special cotton fibre has a hollow core, which traps air making it extra fluffy. Tumble dry these towels for the most luxurious out-of-the-bath experience ever.

Towels of course come in different shapes, sizes and colours. Bath sheets are the largest towels, the ones you can wrap up in entirely. Bath towels are a little smaller, but they are more than adequate for the job. Hand towels or guest towels are for the cloakroom or towel rail next to the basin.

You can go for classic cream or white; being cotton, a good-quality towel will wash beautifully each time. Coloured towels that complement your bathroom colour scheme will also look good, but coloured towels of a lesser quality will fade and run.

Nothing looks better or more inviting in a bathroom or a guest room than a nice fluffy towel stack. Towels are such a simple pleasure, but with a little care they can be totally decadent.

Choose Dining Table and Chairs


Dinning room is a place where you not only fill in your stomachs but also a place where you feel comfortable and relaxed after a days tiring work. You meet your entire family and discuss a lot of things at your dining table, it is a place in your home where you feel the closeness of your dear ones.

Therefore, choosing a right kind of modern dining room furniture is a significant task. You need to choose dining table sets that reveal your identity, family values and of course your lifestyle. You can choose a dining table from a huge variety that is offered now-a-days and one which is perfect for your dining room too. You can go through furniture magazines or online furniture stores that offer you a huge variety of home furnishings and home décor products. By doing so , you will actually get an idea of latest designs and styles available in the home furnishing market.

For your dining room, the first thing that comes to your mind is obviously the dining table. Your dining table should be modern enough to appeal your guests who can not resist complementing your choice. And this all what you want. Now while making a genuine purchase, you need to keep in mind the size of your dining room that can easily accommodate your dining table, making your dining room look spacious and comfortable. The height of the dining table and chairs should be in accordance with the area of the floor so that you feel comfortable while eating your meals.

Rattan/Coconut Fiber Dining Chair

The seating arrangement should be spacious and away from walls so that you don’t find uncomfortable while getting into and out of your chairs. There should be enough room to go about the dining table, around the chairs so that you can easily serve your family and guests, nor do they feel disturbed while you move around. And this goes without saying, if your dining room is smaller in size, do not overcrowd it by stuffing it with large dining tables.

The next important thing to consider is how many people will be actually using the dining table. If its for a small family of four, you need to purchase a dining set with four chairs and just one or two extra chairs for your guests. And if you host guests very often, you need a larger dining table. So invest wisely as you and going to pay your hard earned money and furniture stays for years. Once you have decided upon the size of your dining table in terms of your dining room and its usage, you will get a huge variety of designs to choose from

Dining tables are made from a numbers of durable materials like plastic, synthetic fibers along with wood and of course different shades of colors to suit everyone’s choice. You can choose dining table that may either round, rectangle, square, oval or even trapeze shaped, these are the most modern shapes and style available in the recent scenario.

Stylish Dining Table Set

Round and oval shaped tables add smoothness to your dining room and it is easier to accommodate chairs and there are no sharp edges and corner to take care of. Square and rectangular shapes of the dining tables add smartness to your dining room and complement well with rooms having darker shades of furniture. The corners are rounded off and smoothened, so that it doesn’t cause your any harm. Thus you are free to choose from a variety of modern designs and shapes, you can either purchase dining sets or single pieces of chairs that match well with your dining table.

This way you can design your own modern dining room and be prepared for the compliments that are showered on you by your family members and guests.